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At Cornerstone Dentistry, we understand that dental jargon can be confusing, leaving patients feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about their oral health. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive dental glossary tailored just for you. Our commitment to patient care goes beyond your dental chair experience; we want you to be well-informed and empowered when it comes to your oral health.

With our user-friendly glossary, you can easily access explanations of dental terms, procedures, and treatments, helping you make informed decisions about your dental care. Take charge of your oral health with Cornerstone Dentistry’s Dental Glossary. Explore it today!


  1. Filling: Employed to reinstate the natural function and shape of a decayed tooth.
  2. Fluoride: A naturally occurring mineral that plays a crucial role in preventing dental caries and has the potential to initiate remineralization in the incipient, imperceptible phases of tooth decay.
  3. Fluoride Treatment: Application of fluoride to the teeth to make them more resistant to decay.
  4. Frenectomy: Removal or altering of the frenum, a piece of soft tissue preventing normal movement in the mouth.
  5. Full Mouth Reconstruction: Extensive restoration of the mouth involving general or restorative dental procedures.
  6. Fixed Appliances: Orthodontic devices, like braces, that are securely attached to the teeth.
  7. Furcation: The area where the roots of a tooth split.
  8. Fistula: Is a pathological conduit via which purulent discharge is expelled from a site of infection, commonly known as a gum boil.
  9. Flossing: Cleaning between the teeth with dental floss.
  10. Facet: Flat or smooth side of a tooth.
  11. Fracture: Breakage of a tooth or restoration.
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