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At Cornerstone Dentistry, we understand that dental jargon can be confusing, leaving patients feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about their oral health. That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive dental glossary tailored just for you. Our commitment to patient care goes beyond your dental chair experience; we want you to be well-informed and empowered when it comes to your oral health.

With our user-friendly glossary, you can easily access explanations of dental terms, procedures, and treatments, helping you make informed decisions about your dental care. Take charge of your oral health with Cornerstone Dentistry’s Dental Glossary. Explore it today!


  1. Impacted Tooth: A tooth that fails to emerge or fully break through the gum tissue.
  2. Implant: A device surgically placed in the upper or lower jaw to which a tooth or denture is anchored.
  3. Impression: A mold taken of the teeth using a special material.
  4. Inlay: An artificially fabricated dental treatment that is utilized to treat teeth with extensive cavities or significant loss of tooth structure, where a conventional filling would be insufficient.
  5. Interproximal: Located between the adjoining surfaces of adjacent teeth.
  6. Interdental: Situated between the teeth.
  7. Intrinsic Stain: Staining that occurs within the tooth, typically permanent.
  8. Incisor: Front tooth typically used for cutting food.
  9. Irrigation: Use of a liquid to wash out a part of the body, usually during surgery.
  10. Invasive Procedure: A procedure that penetrates or breaks the skin or a body cavity.
  11. Interocclusal: Between the closing of the upper and lower teeth.
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